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Week beginning 15/11/21

We started off the week talking about Remembrance Sunday. Some of the children and staff had been to a parade and some watched family members in the parade. Mrs Breakwell talked to the children about her role as a Cub Leader and how she and Mr Breakwell were in the parade with the Cubs and Scouts. She showed the children photographs of her in uniform and some photographs of Fareham town centre on the day of the parade. Some of the parents had put photographs on Tapestry of family members in the parade and photographs of their children watching the parade. Mrs Cantillon put some short clips on the interactive board of the Royal Albert Hall - Festival of Remembrance. The children watched as the poppies fell to the ground. Mrs Cantillon told the children that she used to be in the Royal Navy and had been to the Royal Albert Hall.


The children did lots of work around the story, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. They listened to and recalled the story. They played a Bear Hunt Bingo game and retold the story using pictures. The children did yoga whilst the yoga instructor on the Cosmic Kids website retold the Bear Hunt story through yoga poses. 


Throughout the week, the children sang 'Old MacDonald'. They learned the Makaton signs for the different animals and played 'Guess the Sound' where they had to listen to the animal sounds and guess the animal. They learned the names of some new animals that they had not heard of before. 


Mrs Cantillon introduced the children to a range of games on the Phonics Play website to develop their skills in recognising rhyming words and hearing words that start with the same sound (alliteration). 


Mrs Ray talked about how the children are the same and different from each other. In particular, they looked at who was the tallest and shortest and compared hair colour, eye colour etc.


The children used mathematical language when comparing objects using language such as heaviest, lightest, longest, and shortest. They mixed paint and rice together to make coloured rice. They then placed this in the tray and used used a range of resources such as scales, containers of various sizes and spoons to explore the rice.