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Week beginning 12/10/20

The children have enjoyed playing in the tents and tunnels this week. They made up their own games and jumped up and down in the tunnels shouting 'Stop' and 'Go'. They went in the blackout tent with the torches, projector and other IT resources that light up in the dark. 


We have celebrated some birthdays recently and have talked about children's birthday celebrations at home. 


Once again, we have had a very creative week. The children have been doing collage, painting, cutting, sticking, making playdough models and resources to support their role play. 


We have read many stories during the week and have been reading rhyming books. Some of the children were able to pick out the rhyming words in the books. We also made up our own rhyming words. 


The children have been learning about autumn and all the changes. We bought pumpkins and the children used golf tees and hammers to develop their hand-eye co-ordination skills and to have lots of fun! Next week, we will be looking at what is inside the pumpkin. 


We have collected acorns, sticks and conkers and sorted them. These have been used in a range of ways such as during maths activities and in the role play area and mud kitchen as pretend food. The children sorted the sticks from smallest to biggest. 


The children have spent a lot of time in the outside area and have enjoyed playing on the bikes and scooters. They have used the traffic light, bricks and other signs to make a road. 


The children have been developing their self-help skills particularly when putting their coats on and taking them off. They have made great progress with this and are becoming more independent every day. When entering pre-school, they are remembering where to put their coats, bags, bookbags, water bottles and lunch boxes. We are very proud of them!