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Week Beginning 11.5.20

Hi there!


I hope you are all well, and were able to enjoy some special celebrations for VE Day.  I've seen some fabulous hats and bunting that you've been doing at home. 


I know some children have found this week hard.  Don't forget to look on the ELSA page, under "Key Information" on our school home page.  Mrs Hearnden has put lots of good things that will help on her - look at the links, they are really helpful and are updated regularly.


Sophie has made an exciting discovery in her garden - a robin's nest.  I thought this week perhaps you could find out some facts about robins.  


Have a look here

Where else could you find some information about Robins?  Try and find out three things you didn't know before.



Write a list of things you found out - it could be a list or 3 short sentences.  Can you draw it from a  photo that you find.  Look carefully - does it have a smile?  What are it's feet like - do they have a special name?



Head over to Oxford Owl for their free  e-books.  Have a look at the book "Blackbirds" -

This book is a bit too hard for Reception children to read themselves - but read it to your child to help them find out more information about birds.  How is it different to a robin?  



Please use the video on Tapestry to run through a quick dash of all the sounds so your child can keep practicing.  

You could practice the following sounds this week; sound out the words - without looking at them - just to practice blending the sounds together, write them down for your child to read, and then they can have a go at writing them.

th - the this that then moth

ss - hiss miss kiss boss mess fuss

igh- high night light might bright fright 

ir - girl bird dirt third twirl

ou - out loud shout mouth found 


Some of these sounds are hard - but we have done them all in school and would be going over them again.  So keep the sound mat in front of your child for them to refer to.  It's also a good idea to keep that particular sound card out in front of them - this will help them focus on the sounds and blending them together.


If your child wants a challenge then ask them to write a little sentence with the sounds they've used:

This is the moth

That is a mess.

The night is bright.

Can a bird twirl?

Shout out loud.


You could make up your own too if you want to.



Have a look at this dice game

If your child doesn't want to use teddies then get cars to fit in a box for a car park, or dolls on a towel for a picnic blanket.

If you want to make it harder then you could put masking tape over the lower numbers and write bigger numbers on instead.  While children can read these numbers they still need practice counting out objects accurately to 20.

It could be they roll the dice and add 1 or take away 1, or they could double the number they see.  Or both - double the number and add or take away 1.


Lots of the children love patterns - but why not have a challenge that you do together  - describe your pattern to each other - -


Make time to practice writing some tricky numbers - 5 or 8



In school we would still be celebrating Easter.  It's a time when Christians are thankful for God's love.  This week can you make a cross  inside?  You can use whatever you want that can be pinned up - wrapping paper, a box cut up.  Draw a picture and write a prayer of something you are thankful for, and put it on the cross.  Send me a picture - I'd love to see it. 




Some children have been skipping.  Can you skip?  Have a go, and try and learn some skipping rhymes to help you keep going.   Or why not learn to hula hoop?  Or skip with the hula hoop!


I hope you have a good week.  I wonder what you'll get up to this week.  I'm really looking forward to seeing and hearing what you've found out about robins, and hope you enjoy the maths games.  Let me know you get on.


Keep safe

Mrs North