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Week Beginning 11.05.20

Hello everyone,


I hope you have all had a lovely week. I have been absolutely blown away by all of your fantastic learning at home - you are all working so hard. Thank you for sharing your lovely learning with me on Seesaw. I hope you all enjoyed learning about VE day - I know lots of you enjoyed some celebrations on Friday at home. 


This weeks new tasks are below. 


Have an excellent week. Missing you all. 

Miss Lea smiley




This week we are going to focus on tricky words. Please play the following game and have a go at writing the tricky words in sentences - remember, we want you to be able to recognise them as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to keep reading and writing the words.



This week, I would like you to share a book from home, or one from the Oxford Owl website and complete a role on the wall for one of the characters. We have used these in class regularly. Below is a template you can print or copy. On the inside of the character you write about their feelings/behaviours. On the outside, you write what you know about them. For example, if I chose Jack from Jack and the beanstalk, on the inside I might write nervous, sad, excited, mischievous etc and would discuss at which points in the story he felt that way. On the outside I would write things like - poor, lives with his mum, loves his cow etc, again discussing how I know those things.




This week, we are working on adding the Prefix un -  the root word stays the same but the meaning can be changed by this prefix. Sometimes we can say the opposite of something by adding the letters 'un' to a word. If I'm not happy, I can say I'm 'unhappy' – the word 'un' is added to the beginning of the word to show that I'm not happy.

Below is a PowerPoint to take a look at and a simple worksheet. Have a go at completing them and then create some of your own un- sentences. 


This week, we will start with the 4 questions as a brain trainer. I have included the starters and activities for the week below. I can't wait to see your pictures of your maths learning. 


This week, I would like you to draw or write about the life cycle of the butterfly - be as creative as you like. You could use the following link as a starting point.

Here is a song about a caterpillar:

Art & Design

Go on a walk and find some leaves. Use paint to print the leaves and create a pattern. If you don't have any paint - create a leaf rubbing using a crayon. As a challenge, you could find out the name of the tree the leaf came from and write that next to your work. 


This week, have a go at creating a sequence of movements. Can you be low to the ground? Can you be tall? Can you be wide? Can you be small? See how many different ways you can move around. 

For a warm up each day you could try: We love a wake and shake in Year 1. 


This week are continuing to think about Mary (Mary month of May). I would like you to write a prayer for Mary. Maybe you could be asking her to keep us safe at this difficult time, maybe you could thank her for watching over us all etc. Use the information below, thinking about what Mary likes (flowers) to then decorate your prayer with beautiful pictures. You could even have a go at drawing Mary. Please share your prayers on Seesaw.


Use this link to discuss keeping safe online with your child.