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Week beginning 08/11/21

The children have been taking part in a wide range of activities this week whilst learning about Remembrance Day. They have listened to stories and taken part in discussions about how people and animals keep us safe and have kept us safe in the past. The children learned that red poppies are worn to remember people and purple poppies are worn to remember animals. They talked about family members who are in the military and their role. The children worked together to produce work for our Remembrance Day display. They used paint, glitter, collage materials, playdough, pencils, chalks etc. to produce a range of work that they were very proud of. The children also watched the Cbeebies clip during the two minute silence. See the link below. Mrs Breakwell told the children that she would be going to a parade on Sunday in Fareham, some of the children said that they would also be going to the parade.  


Thank you once again to all those parents who added Tapestry entries. The children have been so confident and proud to show their photographs from home. We have had photographs to show every day! 


Throughout the week, the children have been practising their subitising skills. This is the ability to look at a small number of objects and know how many objects there are without counting. This is a very important skill for the children to develop before counting. Mrs Cantillon asked the children to take photographs of 1-5 objects. Once they were taken, Mrs Cantillon made a PowerPoint presentation of the photographs and put it on the interactive board. She asked the children, 'What do you see?' The children responded with statements such as, 'One ball.' They were introduced to a game called, '3 or not 3'. Once shown how to play it, the children used the pictures on the PowerPoint to stand on the steps and ask their friends, '3 or not 3'. They scrolled through the pictures and adapted it by asking '2 or not 2' etc. When it was the correct number, the children who were answering the questions had to say the number and represent this using their fingers. The children can develop these skills at home by adults asking, 'What do you see?' - start with 1-3 objects. Some of the children have developed their subitising skills further. For example, we ask, 'What do you see and how do you see it?' If children are shown two objects, they might answer, 'I see one and another one, I see two. One and one equals two.' They draw circles around each object (imaginary or real) to show an understanding that they are part of a whole. Mrs Breakwell, Mrs Ray and I are so proud of our children's subitising skills!