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Week Beginning 06.07.20

Dear Parents and Children,

Here is the home learning for this week… 

Please remember to contact school if you would like anything printed.  


*To help build on your number fluency complete one set of maths starters each day.  These are exactly like we would do in class.  Remember, this should be a short task and if you need to make mental jottings that is fine.  See the document saved below – Maths Daily Starters
* Work your way through the maths tasks set this week.


*Keep up with the daily reading!  Remember to read a range of non-fiction, fiction and poetry.  Ask your grown up (or an older family member) to ask you questions about what you have read to develop your comprehension skills.
*Look at the English Learning document and complete the activities.
*Focus on spelling patterns within words – this week look at words ending in –le and –el.  Make a list of words which fall into each spelling pattern.  Perhaps you could use these words in sentences as this will allow you to practise your hand writing too!


Go on a plant hunt to see how many types of plants you can find on your walk.  Before you go, consider how could you record this?  Maybe you could use a table, chart, tally, or block graph etc...  Remember to consider what information you are going to record, for example, how many of each type do you see:  tree, weed, flowering plant, vegetable, fruit etc.  Can you name each plant that you see?

Marriage is another one of the seven sacraments which help Christians come closer to God.   This is when two people who love each other have a ceremony and get married. They make special promises called vows. Prayers, hymns and readings from the Bible are often included in a wedding service and rings are also exchanged.
Become a journalist and interview your mum and dad or close friend or family member about their wedding.  You will need to compose a set of questions which you would like to know the answers to, these could include: Where did you get married?  What did you wear?  What traditions did you follow?  What religious symbols were used?  What promises were made in your vows? 


Another ‘Would you rather?’ question for this week…


As we are unable to have sports day this year, why not plan and hold your own for your family to complete?  Consider the activities you would normally take part in, e.g. egg n spoon, long distance running, throw beanbags into buckets and score points, hurdles etc.  Remember to devise a point system to keep scores as family members compete so that you know who wins!  Could you design a medal to award during a medal ceremony?