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Week beginning 01/11/21

After a great week off during half term, it has been lots of fun getting back to teaching our lovely pre-school children! 


The children have been doing lots of mark making this week with paints, crayons, chalks etc. They have been making Rangoli patterns and learning about Diwali. The children have also been making firework pictures with paint, shaving foam and glitter and learning about firework safety through books and the internet. They also used their cutting skills to cut out firework pictures. 


Whilst thinking about colours, we read 'The Colour Monster' book and talked about emotions. The children also took part in a book quiz and were fantastic at remembering what happened in the story! 


The children have been using their problem-solving skills to work out how to move around the tyres, ladders and planks of wood on the school play area. 


We have been working on developing the children's hand-eye co-ordination skills and problem-solving skills through activities such as rolling balls of various sizes into a range of containers. 


We had our usual hall session on Friday. The children enjoyed taking part in a yoga session and also practised moving in a range of ways. They took turns to give instructions to the children and teachers! 


Thank you to those parents who shared Tapestry photographs this week. The children have been very proud to show their photographs on the interactive board and talk about what they did. Please feel free to add any photographs at any time! Mrs Breakwell, Mrs Ray and I enjoy getting to know our families better through sharing experiences and celebrations. 


Mrs Cantillon