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Week Beginning 01.06.20

Dear Parents and Children,

We hope you continue to be well and healthy and have all had a lovely half term break.

*To help build on your number fluency complete one set of maths starters each day.  These are exactly like we would do in class.  Remember, this should be a short task and if you need to make mental jottings that is fine.  See the document saved below – Maths Daily Starters
* Work your way through the maths tasks set this week.  


*Keep up with the daily reading!  Remember to read a range of non-fiction, fiction and poetry.  Ask your grown up (or an older family member) to ask you questions about what you have read to develop your comprehension skills.
*Look at the English Learning document and complete an activity each day.
*Choose 6 common exception words that you know you find tricky – use the tricky word mat given to you at parents’ evening - please also find a copy on the class page.  Maybe you could practice spelling tricky words using Rainbow Writing (tracing the word in different colours like a rainbow and saying each letter name as you trace it), write outside with chalks, or say each letter name aloud like a chant.


*How are your plants doing?  Has anyone grown a plant from the bulbs or seeds that were given to some of you?  Or you might have been able to do some other plant growing.  Look at the science to record the lifecycle of a sun flower.  If you cannot cut and stick this activity, please feel free to draw the lifecycle in your own way!  Be creative!


Pentecost is the liturgical season after Easter which celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Church, bringing in a new period of time for the people of God. In Acts 2:1-41 the Holy Spirit descended upon apostles in which they were able to speak their native Galilean dialect but were understood by people of many different languages and nations. Pentecost begins the eighth Sunday, or 50 days, after Easter Sunday.

Read the story of Pentecost (see sheet attached below) and create your own piece of art work to represent it.  With an adult, explore different artistic representations of the story before deciding on your own.  

PE – continue to stay fit and healthy!
*Any children who have been at school have been really enjoying learning how to skip!  If you cannot yet skip with a rope, see if you can find something that you can skip with.  A great test of perseverance!
*If you are unable to find anything to skip with, try challenging yourself to learn a new physical skill.  For example, batting a ball up and down on a bat or racquet without dropping it!  Or how many times can you bounce a big ball on the floor or wall and catch it?