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Week 6 - Pre-School

We have enjoyed the lovely weather this week! The children have been singing lots of songs and rhymes and have been identifying rhyming words in stories and rhymes. Mrs Ray made a rhyming game in which the children were shown two words that rhymed, the teacher said the words and the children had to post the correct word. They enjoyed this game and helped them to identify words that sounded similar but were different. 


The colour Bingo game was also popular this week. The children had to look closely at the pictures which had different animals in different colours. They really concentrated and supported each other throughout the game. 


Through games such as the rhyming game and the Bingo game, children are developing skills such as pre-reading skills and communication and language skills, with a focus on listening and attention skills. 


In our music lesson this week, Mrs Crane introduced the children to a different instrument, the boomwacker! The children learned many skills and listened very well to the instructions. 


Role play has been very popular this week, the children have explored being doctors/nurses, builders, chefs, superheroes and lots of other roles they created with their fantastic imaginations! 


We have been exploring length this week. The children made a range of structures using different materials. They enjoyed using the wooden blocks to try to build towers that were taller than themselves. Some of the children used the tape measure and measured how tall their structures were. 


In our pre-school playground area, there is a bird box. Inside the box are birds and baby chicks. There is a camera attached to the box and a screen in the school library area. The pre-school children have visited this area this week to check on the chicks and were able to see them being fed by their mummy! 


In our hall session, the children played with balloons. Mrs Breakwell and Mrs Ray planned some games to play with the children and they had a lot of fun doing this.


The children have had daily outdoor play in the pre-school playground, school field and play areas. We ended the week by going on the wooden play area and saying goodbye to the reception guinea pigs, as the children were not going to see them for a week. The guinea pigs are spending half term with a member of staff having lots of fun of their own and a well-earned rest! 


We hope you all have a lovely half term break. 


Mrs Cantillon, Mrs Breakwell and Mrs Ray