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Week 5 - Summer 1 2023

The children have been learning about transport this week. They learned the Makaton signs for a range of transport, sung songs about transport and listened to stories about this topic. The children made traffic lights and aeroplanes. They followed the instructions on the tablet to make their own aeroplanes.


We are very excited that our caterpillars have turned into beautiful butterflies and we will be releasing them next week! Some of the children made butterflies and then used a magnet and paperclip to make them move. They then went on a hunt with the magnets to find objects that were made of metal.


Our budding artists are continuing to draw fantastic pictures! They are also making great progress with scribing letters and numbers. Some of the children drew self-portraits using mirrors to look at their features. They talked about how they are the same and different from each other.


The children have been looking back over their Tapestry accounts. They have been talking about how they are different now than when they first started pre-school.


During key group time, the children learned positional language (prepositions). They responded to instructions and also described what they could see using the correct language.


We had a hall session in which the children did yoga, played a preposition game and played the traffic light game. The children took it in turns to call out the instructions whilst playing traffic lights and did a great job!


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