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Week 5 - Pre-School

We are continuing to support children to develop their physical skills. As usual they have had daily opportunities to use the pre-school playground, school field and play areas. We have been doing lots of outdoor maths and the children have been comparing and contrasting lots of items according to length, weight, sounds and shape both inside and outside pre-school. The children have played with games such as the Toy Story matching game. We have introduced language such as 'pair', 'match', 'same', 'different' and 'similar'. 


One area of maths that we have been working on is 'subitising'. The children have been asked, 'What do you see and how do you see it?' We have been overwhelmed with how quickly the children have responded to it. The idea is that the children can look at an arrangement such as three objects and know that there are three without the need to count them. We are consolidating children's understanding that numbers are made up of other numbers. For example, the response to showing three objects has been, 'I can see three butterflies. I can see a one and a one and a one.' Some children are even able to extend this by saying, 'I can see a two and a one.' They have been drawing around each object to show how the number can be broken down. You may have noticed your children referring to some of the above at home. 


The children have continued to explore water play. We have talked about the importance of getting strong muscles in the shoulders and arms. The children have been using syringes, foam pumps, paint rollers, paint brushes and sponges to develop their muscles. The dolls in pre-school even had a wash with the sponges! 


We have had many Tapestry entries from home this week. The children are so proud to show what they have been doing at home. If you would like to add any entries, we would be happy to see them. 


We have embraced the ever-changing weather conditions and the children have been out on their wellie walks, splashing in the puddles. This is in addition to other days needing a sun hat and no coat! Mrs Breakwell showed the children how to move the logs to see the minibeasts. They were intrigued by this! 


At our music lesson this week, Mrs Crane introduced the children to the metallophone. They were very eager to play this and also learned some new songs. Their favourite part was the springy elastic which they moved in a range of ways in response to the songs and music. Mrs Cantillon bought one for pre-school which we used in the school hall and pre-school. 


Mrs Ray made a rhyming game in which the children had to look at two cards, listen to the words and post the correct word into the box. Some were quite tricky as they sounded very similar. The children really enjoyed this game and were very good at it!