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Week 5

Our story focus this week was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. The children enjoyed listening to the story and learning new Makaton signs. They made gingerbread men on the craft table and learned a new gingerbread man song.


The children explored shape and have made great progress with their shape recognition. We have talked about how the shapes are the same and different from each other.


We have been doing activities about ‘The Senses’. The children are now great at naming their five senses and talking about how they can use each of them. They also learned two new songs about this.


Some of the children noticed as it got darker in the afternoon, that they could see some shadows. We turned out the lights and the children used the torches, projector and other ICT resources to explore shadows.


The children used food colouring to colour spaghetti. They then used scissors to cut the spaghetti and looked at which piece was the longest/shortest etc.


We used the musical instruments and sung songs. The children were asked to identify the instruments by sight and then by sound when they were played under a blanket. The children were asked to sing loud, quiet, fast and slow and could stop and start when asked.


We ended the week doing a hall session. The children moved in a range of ways around the hoops and then had to stand in the correct coloured hoop when asked. They also took part in action songs which were played on the large projector in the hall.


Please see below for links to the story and songs that we have been doing.