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Week 4 - Pre-School

Mrs Cantillon has been teaching the children about Mindfulness. We have been practising focussing on our breadth with our eyes closed. We have talked about how it feels to sit quietly in this way.


The children have explored emotions and talked about what makes them feel happy, sad and angry. We explored what to do if they were feeling sad or angry and who they could talk to. This led to a conversation about rules. Mrs Cantillon asked the children to remind her of the rules in pre-school. She also asked them to tell her the rules at home. We discussed how different children have different rules at home. For example, some children said that when they have their meals they have to sit at the table. Other children talked about how they eat sitting on the sofa. Some children said that they help to make their own beds and others said that their parents did this. It was interesting to talk about the similarities and differences. Most children said that they were supposed to keep their bedroom tidy and put their toys away but didn't always do this! smiley


The children have been developing their subitising skills. Mrs Cantillon explained that this means that you can look at a group of objects and recognise the number of objects without having to count them. 


This week we have been focussing on number 1. The children have been finding one object, representing this on their fingers and forming the number 1 on paper, chalkboard and in the mud! We also talked about how many we would have if we had one more. 


When we went onto our play area on the field, the children noticed that the tyres they usually play with had disappeared! They found them at the top of the field. They all worked together to roll the tyres down the field and helped each other to do this. 


At our music lesson with Mrs Crane, the children learned some new songs. Mrs Crane brought her ukulele and played along to the children singing their new songs. This week the children played drums and tambourines. They listened well to the instructions and had lots of fun playing with the elastic stretchy band! 


At the end of the week, the children played games on the school field including racing games and moving in a range of ways. They also enjoyed their hall session and learned songs about emotions and animal movements.