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Week 3 - Pre-School

During this week, the children have shown fantastic problem solving skills! They have worked together, making their own rules and adapting them to suit their play. The children made various assault courses both inside and outside pre-school using a range of resources they found independently. They used the Polydron to make a range of structures such as a house and castle.


Whilst playing in the outside area, we had an impromptu maths lesson. The children were very interested in exploring the various parts of the trees that were on the ground in the adventure playground. They found logs, twigs and branches of various sizes. Mrs Cantillon asked the children to collect some and put them on the grass. They were asked a range of questions to explore shape, space and measure. The children could identify which parts were the longest, shortest, widest, heaviest etc. They also did some exercises using the pieces they found. The children are really becoming engrossed in their play and are learning so much from working together negotiating what each does.


We have sung lots of songs and rhymes throughout the week doing music and movement activities. We even had songs outside on the grass which was lovely! We had our music lesson on Wednesday afternoon, the children really enjoyed learning new songs and playing instruments with Mrs Crane. 


We have been singing the Jolly Phonics songs for s, a, t, p, i and n. The children have been very good this week remembering the letter sounds and phonic actions. Some of the children thought of words that start with each sound and practised the phonic sound and action for the initial sound in their name. Mrs Cantillon sounded out some words, some of the children could blend the sounds and hear the words! 


The children have completed a range of puzzles varying in difficulty. They were very proud of their achievements, some children worked together to complete the puzzles and helped their friends. 


The water trays have been used lots this week. The whisk, funnels, tubes and bubbles have been very popular. 


Miss Lea, the reception teacher, visited pre-school this week. The children enjoyed doing activities with her and talking to her during snack time.