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Week 3

We have had such a busy week this week. It has been Nursery Rhyme Week and Road Safety Week.


The children took part in a wide range of activities including making spiders using their handprints and making a spider from playdough. They made legs from sticks and pipe cleaners. The children learned Makaton signs for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Incy Wincy Spider and Ba Ba Black Sheep whilst singing them each day. We made a spiders web in the tuff tray. The children used tweezers to get the spiders out and made sheep using craft resources. 


Our book focus was The Three Little Pigs. The children made houses for the three pigs and explored which was the strongest material. They listened and recalled the story, some children acted it out remembering the phrases from the story. The children played with the animals in the coloured gloop (cornflour, water and food colouring). They sung 'Old Mac Donald' whilst they were playing. 


We made a road and talked about how to safely cross the road. The children made traffic lights and talked about what each colour meant. We looked at different types of crossings and practised how to cross a road safely. In the hall, we played the Traffic Light game which the children enjoyed. They painted car templates with red, yellow and green paint. We discussed why they need to sit in a car seat and the importance of everyone wearing a seatbelt. The children made tracks in paint with the cars and moved them around the roads and roundabout. Some children used cardboard tubes as tunnels to see how far they would travel.


The children did mark making activities, through taking part in lots of activities to develop their physical skills, they have gained greater control of their pencils when mark making. They are also becoming very good at drawing recognisable pictures such as faces. 


It has been a great week with lots of learning through play and lots of fun with friends!