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Week 2 - Pre-School

The children were very excited this week as Mrs Crane came to pre-school and did a music lesson with us. She taught us new songs and the children joined in with the words and actions. They played with the claves and shakers and listened well when shown the stop and go sign. The children also had a turn of moving their hands to indicate if their friends had to play loud or quiet. Mrs Crane played some music and the children moved in time to the music pretending that they were flowers growing from a small seed.


The children enjoyed our hall session on Friday. We did yoga, action songs and threw a rocket to see who could throw the furthest. The teachers joined in too! Mrs Breakwell could throw the furthest! 


Mrs Cantillon put some shaving foam on the table for the children to make marks in. They followed the instructions and could move their hands forwards and backwards, side to side and walk around the table stretching their fingers out. Mrs Cantillon explained that it was better for the children to stand up so that they could develop the muscles in their shoulders, arms and hands. She made marks in the foam and the children were asked to copy the shapes and numbers. Some children also wrote their names in the foam or the first letter in their name. 


We have had lots of Tapestry entries from home this week including the physical development challenge. The children have been working hard on developing their gross and fine motor skills. 


Mrs Ray and the children made a shape display to put on the wall. The children talked about the similarities and differences in the shapes, the number of sides they had and also tried to find the shapes in the room. 


We have had such a busy week. Well done everyone!