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Week 1

The children did lots of activities relating to fireworks and bonfires this week. They made marks on paper, dry wipe boards and chalk boards. The children did craft activities with Mrs Holland of firework pictures and bonfires using paint, glue, glitter, pipe cleaners and strips of paper.  


We talked about how to stay safe with fireworks and bonfires and read stories about this. Some children shared their Tapestry photographs of their family celebrations including fireworks which we all enjoyed. 


The children took part in music, singing and dancing activities such as musical chairs, singing nursery rhymes and doing action songs. 


We introduced the children to the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds programme. The children enjoyed playing the games and began to tune into the different sounds in the environment such as hearing the school children playing outside. They also made voice sounds such as 'wheeeee', 'boing', 'ssssss' and 'ch-ch-ch'. Mrs Cantillon asked the children to touch different parts of their body such as, 'Can you touch your l-e-g?' The children are starting to understand that they need to blend the sounds together to hear the word. We have also talked about the different phonemes (sounds) that start words.


We are so proud of all that our children have achieved during this week.