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Wednesday 24th Feb

Before you start today's task, I know that some of you still need to finish your letter from yesterday, so please do that first.  If that takes all of this lesson, then start today's lesson tomorrow.  I don't want you to rush.  You might need to remind yourself of the Ad, same ad sentence structure because some people got confused and didn't repeat the adjective, or only included 1 example.  You need to practise it more than once. 


Today's task

I am expecting this to take you at least 2 days, as you will have to read the pages of Tom's Midnight Garden (below) carefully to be able to do complete it.  These pages are beautifully descriptive and really paint a picture for the reader.  It is so precisely portrayed.  I would like you to draw a picture of what is being described to you.  You may have to do a few drafts first, or a series of pictures.  Once you have done that, I would like you to put the descriptive words/phrases beside some of the images you create thereby showing that you understand what the words mean.  When you are happy with your picture, mark a map of the route you think Tom travelled when he was exploring.  

When that's all done use your new found skill of writing the Ad, same ad sentence structure to show how Tom feels as he is exploring.  

Good luck

Maths - fractions, decimals and percentages