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Wednesday 20th Jan

Welcome and prayer 20th January

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Sky Song Chapter nine

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There is no new video to watch today.  If you want to you can watch any of the videos from Monday or Tuesday to consolidate your understanding, or to remember anything you may have forgotten.

Today's work is an opportunity for you to apply your learning so far this week.  Please  show your thinking/working.  Use any strategy that you prefer.  


I was really impressed with your character descriptions today.  You managed to create a real person by putting them in realistic situations and writing in a way that had the character think through what he or she may do - just as you have to every day.  You didn't make them perfect because none of us are, but you did make them real.  I was very engaged and I felt as if I was beginning to 'know' them, and because of that I wanted to know more about them.  It made me want to read on.  Well done! It's not an easy thing to do.  

So, with that in mind, I have decided to give you a choice of tasks.  You can either: 

  • Choose another character from the table to write about, but if the last one you wrote about was 'nice' make this one 'nasty'.  This can be more difficult to do because there is often a reason why the character is unkind - bad/sad things may have happened to them, they could be frightened, lonely or jealous.  You have to try and show your reader this.  
  • Continue your writing from yesterday with the same character, but composing an extended story around them.  You can bring in another character from the table if you want to.  

I'm really looking forward to reading them.

The character pictures from yesterday

RE - please note this is a unit that should last at least two-weeks. It has been put together by the diocese. Take your time