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Good morning Year 2 smiley


Happy Wednesday!


Please find today's home learning below:


Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar- Today you will be focussing on syllables, which are the sounds in words.  We can clap them out to help us hear them.  Another way to think of them, is like ‘beats’.  You will need to clap out the syllables in the given words and write a sentence for each.


English- Today you will be publishing your posters.  You can do it by hand or use ICT.  Some of the draft posters that people have emailed me, already look very professional.  If you are happy with yours, take the time to check it over and make any changes.  I have uploaded the draft poster, we created in class, in case you would like to magpie any ideas for your published version. 


Maths- I have uploaded some completed calculations, but I need your help with marking them!  You will need to check the calculations very carefully and tick whether they are correct.  If you have spotted some mistakes circle them, and then model the correct method. 


P.E/Science- I have uploaded both activity choices for you to pick from.  If you would like to do both, please do.  The PE challenges have been uploaded as a separate document.  If you need to take some time to catch up on any work from earlier in the week, take this as an opportunity. 


Best wishes for a productive and positive day! 


Take care, 


Miss Leader