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I am posting today's learning on our class page as Tapestry is struggling with demand today!



Go over the sound wh

Write out the words

when which wheel whisper what where who for your child to read.

Ask your child to write the words: 

wheel when who what

Write the phrases:

Who is this?

What is that?


English / RE

Read the Christmas story together from a Bible.  

Can your child make a zig zag book of the Christmas story with pictures of the shepherds, 3 Wise men visiting the stable.


Make 2 lists:

1. What things do have to help us celebrate Christmas?  eg crackers, Father Christmas, the elf, Christmas cake


2. What things help us to remember Jesus at Christmas?  eg singing carols, Nativity scenes, the Christmas play, candles, star on the top of the tree


Maths - Weight

Please use the sheet below. 

Together find 5 objects to put in order of weight.  It's a good idea to find something small and heavy.  is the biggest thing the heaviest?

Can your child put them in order?

If you don't have a printer then just make your own.  It is important that the children record what they are doing, but the language they use is really important.  Look at the sheet for this - even if you don't print it out.


I do hope you have a good day.