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Wednesday 10th February

English with History

Hi year 5s

I hope your research is going well.  I can tell from some of the work uploaded already that you are working hard and really making an effort to make your writing engaging and informative.  Remember, the purpose of your writing is to inform.  Your reader must finish reading your writing knowing more about Ancient Greece than when they started.  Keep your sentences clear and precise and select useful images to represent what you are trying to inform the reader about.  You can present the work in any form; I'm just very interested to see it on Friday.  Keep re-reading to ensure it makes sense and that you have kept the information themed together under the same sub-heading.  

I'm really proud of the way you are working so hard.  Well done.  

RE - Baptism

Please watch the two videos about baptism and then imagine you're going to have to share what you have learned to a child from another faith family.  You can present this information any way you wish.