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W/B 8.6.20

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all well. This half term our topic is "Farm is Fork". It is all about where our food comes from, learning about animals and the important work of farmers. 


Please do make sure you are familiar with the story of Farmer Duck (Martin Waddell) - a link was included for YouTube last week and I will re-add it again this week. This is our current topic text. 


Have a fabulous week - I look forward to seeing your lovely work. 


Miss Lea laugh



Writing - Re-watch the story of Farmer Duck, you can find it at:

Choose one of the animals and write some descriptive sentences to describe them. You need to make sure you include size, colour, any specifics about your chosen animal. Write it as though you are describing the animal to someone who has never seen one before! 


Reading - Take a look at this picture and create a story about it. Tell your parent/sibling your story. 


Phonics - This week we are going to learn about alternative pronunciation. This is where a letter looks like it should make one sound, but in some words, it makes another. For example - in the word cat the c makes a c sound. But in the word ice, the c makes a s sound. Use the PowerPoint below to support your learning and write a list of words that make the soft c sound. 




Our current topic is Pentecost. Watch the following video and ask your child to write a postcard to a friend as if they were a disciple, explaining why they were not afraid.

They could even draw a picture of the disciples with the flame resting upon them. 



Have a try at completing this weeks flash 4! 


Have a go at the following task. You can play it online against the computer or as 2 players. 


Below is also a document containing lots of reasoning problems. Complete the first three. These are all about you being able to explain why. 


Mrs Crane has added some new music home learning activities on to the music page of the website. Take a look to see the activities you can try at home. 


Science and outdoor learning

Below is an information sheet about bird watching. Go out for a walk or spend time in the garden observing the different birds you can see. 


PE Complete some of the NHS change4life challenges.