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W/B 15.6.20

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all keeping well. The weather has really turned - where has the glorious sunshine gone? Hopefully you've all been able to spend some time outside in the fresh air though. 


As always, this weeks activities are posted below. 


Have a lovely week. Hopefully I will get to see you all again soon :)


Miss Lea 



This week I would like you to write your own version of Farmer Duck. Change the location to a Zoo. Your title would be Zookeeper ............... (with your choice of animal). Change the three animals the duck collects to 3 other zoo animals of your choice and see if you can follow a similar pattern to write your story. Maybe you could do the beginning one day, the middle over two days and the ending one day. Use last weeks YouTube video to support you if you don't have the book at home. 



Choose a non-fiction text from and ask a grown up to record you talking about some of the facts you have found out. Can you remember the difference between fiction and non-fiction? 



We are continuing to learn about alternative pronunciation. Use the PowerPoint below to learn about the alternative pronunciation for 'ch'. In some words it makes a 'ch' sound, in others it makes a 'sh' (machine) or a 'k' (ache) sound. Have a go at the activity included below too  - do the words contain a ch, sh or k sound with the 'ch' grapheme? If you can't print it, write the words down to complete.  


I have included some starter activities below, as well as some problem solving tasks. In school we have been thinking about position and direction. We used the 'Cha Cha slide' to think about moving left and right. I will include the pirate activity we completed this week for you to have a go at. It is all about reading and following the instructions and thinking about position. 


Write a prayer thanking God for the Holy Spirit.  Maybe you could decorate your prayer with pictures of flames or doves. 



Create your own PE routine and ask a parent to record it. How many seconds do we have to spend on each exercise? How long do we get for a rest? Can you add in some challenge activities?


Outdoor learning

Draw a picture of you. Go out on a walk and collect as many different colours as your can from petals, grass, leaves etc and stick them onto your picture to add the colour. Think about the natural materials you are using. What type of tree or plant have they come from? Are they evergreen or deciduous? We spoke about these two words before, see if you can remember their meaning and if you can't, research online :)



Have a discussion about our seasonal and daily weather patterns. Are they the same all around the world? Why is colder here in the winter? Do they have the same summer time in Australia?