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Tuesday 9th February


I hope you enjoyed researching different topics on Ancient Greece yesterday and you have begun to gather information to include in a non-chronological report.  I'm sure you still have research to do, so go back to yesterday's page to access the links you need.  Today, there is a short video for you to watch which describes the features of a non-chronological report and the things the author needs to think about when writing one. 

Start thinking about your sub-headings, and whether you are going to use any rhetorical questions.  

Happy researching! 


Features of a non-chronological report


Line Graphs

When you read line graphs or tables, it's really important that you understand everything you read because it can be easy to miss crucial information.  It's important that you read the title of the graph, and the x and y axes, so you can begin to interpret what the information is telling you.  The first video talks you through how to read a graph accurately.  Listen carefully and pause or re-wind when you need to.  When you are sure you are ready, and you fully understand, move on to the second video and complete the tasks set.  

Keep trying.