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Tuesday 12th

Welcome 12th January

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Morning Year 5s

I hope you are all well.

Thank you for all your home learning.  You're working really hard and have produced some good work.  

In school, we are only half way through yesterday's maths video, so we will be continuing with that work today.  You can do the same if you feel you need to recap on the learning from yesterday. 

If you feel you are ready to move on, complete the maths home learning for today.  


Below is chapter 3 of Sky Song.  

Flint meets Eska and their adventure begins.

Now, we know Eska is spoken of as the stolen child... and we know she has been trapped inside a music box, on a pedestal, for months because the Ice Queen needs her voice to become immortal.  

Your writing task this week is to write the story of how Eska became the stolen child.  Stolen from where, from whom and when? Today you will start your plan and perhaps the opening draft of your first paragraph. 

Please talk about the editing process with your parents, so they know how often you have to re-read your work and look for ways you can improve it.  Explain how you have to create images for the reader so that they can 'see' what you are creating.  Discuss all the different types of sentence structure you have learned about and how you have to try and vary your sentences for impact.  

You might need to listen to all the videos of me reading Sky Song so you can be reminded of the story so far.  

Good luck

Ask your parents to ask you questions about your writing, such as: - what do you mean by this?, how did the character get here and then what are they going to do next, and why.  Do your parents care about the character - remember, if the reader doesn't care about the character, they won't care what happens to them.  How are you going to make them believable and likeable?  

Think about the setting, the time of day, the weather, the atmosphere etc etc 

All of this takes time, and that's without checking your spellings and punctuation, tenses and grammar.  It's a difficult job, but worth spending the time.  I'll look forward to reading your work.  



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PE Challenges. Please let me know if you manage to complete any of these.