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Tin Forest - Descriptive Verse 13.11.19

The children have been reading and exploring The Tin Forest by Helen Ward.  They have really enjoyed reading the book and learning lots of new vocabulary to use in their writing.  The children have worked hard to include fronted adverbials, powerful verbs and exciting adjectives.  Read on to find the descriptive verses that the children wrote in their groups.  Each child wrote one line which was then put together to create a verse.  


All around some black toucans are squawking.

Beneath the bushes there is a monkey gracefully sleeping.

Underneath the shady tree is a poisonous emerald snake which kills its prey sneakily.

Out of the shadows a fearsome tiger sneakily creeps on its food. 

Through the trees the vines coiled around a tree.

From high above a vivid butterfly gracefully danced through the flowers. 



Out of the shadows emerged a fearsome tiger ready to pounce on its prey.

Through the trees a tropical monkey swings silently.

From high above a glistening butterfly dances gracefully.

Out of the shadows a scaly snake slithers slowly. 

All around flowers blooming on the waving grass as the wind blows.

From high above toucans perched carefully on the long branches.


From high above a monkey swung through the trees.

Through the trees a colourful toucan saw his prey.

From high above the emerald butterfly swoops around the brown tree.

Out of the shadows is an exotic flower.

From high above an emerald green vine coiled around a brown tree.

Out of the shadows is a fierce tiger with razor sharp claws. 


Beneath the bushes a amur tiger was scratching quietly on the floor.

Through the trees a black monkey swings in the emerald green trees.

Out of the shadows an exotic golden butterfly flutters gracefully through the green trees.

Through the trees a shiny toucan soaring through the emerald trees.

Underneath the tall trees twisted vines hanging carefully on the green branches.

Out of the shadows crept a sneaky tiger and it is scratching the wavy grass.


From high above a toucan is gliding through the trees.

All around tropical flowers are scattered on the emerald green grass.

Out of the shadows a ferocious tiger sneakily crept ready to pounce.

Beneath the bushes a slithering snake is prowling about.

Through the trees a vivid butterfly danced gracefully.

Everywhere around tall green trees sway gracefully in the breeze.