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Thursday 9th December

Dear Year 3, 


I hope you are keeping well.  Please find below today's learning, including your regular weekly homework which you can use some time to complete.


In English - watch The SNowman animation up to when the boy and The Snowman take off from their exciting dancing & meeting Father Christmas to fly home again.  Complete the storyboard below and note on the lines any impotant or descriptive words that you want to use in your writing.  Look these up in a dictionary to make sure you have spelt them correctly.  Use this storyboard as a reminder of the main events in that scene and pracrtise telling this part of the story out loud.


In Maths - set up a shop with some price labels.  You could use some food from the cupboards or some of your toys.  Make sure the price labels are not over £5 and make sure that they do include pounds and pence.  Go shopping and buy two items.  Add them together and pay someone at home as the shopkeeper the right money. 

If you do not have the correct coins at home, you could make some coins or just tell them how much you would pay.  Use a notepad and pen to calculate the total - remember to add the pounds together first and then the pence.  Can you make £1 from the pence that you have and then add the remaining pence (tens and ones)?  This will mean that you are using your bonds of 100 knowledge!    


Good luck and enjoy indoor shopping!


Best wishes, 


Mrs Wynne