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Thursday 7th January

Hello- Unfortunately, no video today as I'm experiencing some technical difficulties which I hope will be resolved very quickly!


In Maths, you will be carrying on with work on co-ordinates. There are five questions altogether, and the first three are compulsory. The fourth and fifth question are optional, if you would like an extra challenge! If you need a recap, look again at the video from yesterday, or use page 89 of your SATs guide to support you.


In English, you will practise writing in iambic pentameter (10 syllables). This is in preparation for crafting your own Shakespearean Sonnet next week!


In Science, you may need to finish your classification key. If you have finished, there are pictures of bees or butterflies to design a classification key for...bees is tricky and you really have to look at the images carefully.


I hope you have a good day of learning!


Miss Crouch