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I am hoping that everything will be working today on Tapestry but it is here just in case.  Please can you make sure you that when you send me your child's work today you just add on how you accessed it - if we can stick to Tapestry that would be really helpful but only if it works -  Otherwise I am posting it twice!




Please introduce the sound:  ue

You could watch Mr Thorne does Phonics - ue:

 Or Alphablocks - ue / ew:

Write the words Sue Prue clue blue glue rescue

Write the sentences:

This glue is blue.

Is she called Sue?

When can we rescue him?


English and RE

Please watch The Nativity story:

How is this different to when you were born?  Have a look at some baby photos - it's lovely to look through old photo albums - especially of when you were a baby!

Can you write 2 lists - what was the same about when you were born?  What was different?  
You could think about:
Where were you born?
Did wise men travel a long way to see you following a star?
What kind of presents were given to you as a baby?
Who gave you presents? 
Why were you given presents?

When you write a list try and remember to:
Write the list each idea on a new line (like a shopping list!)
Start each line with a capital letter
Don't forget to put spaces between words.
Send me a photo!


Maths - Time

See the sheet below.  You will only need to print pages 3 and 4 - it doesn't have to be colour - Save your pennies!

I know lots of you haven't got a printer at the moment so just do it practically.  Could you put pieces of paper on a plate with numbers on and use pens or skewers to make the hands?  None of this has to be perfect - it's the learning that's important, and all the chat that goes with it.  

You will find it helpful to have printed out the “Time sheet” before you start. 
Time - Months of the year:

Before you start you will need:
A calendar or diary showing the days and months of year
12 Thin strips of paper to make paper chains - big enough to write one month on each piece.

Watch the video, and pause it whenever you need to.
There is a great song to help the children learn the months of the year.  Click on the link to watch it:
 This is the best one I’ve found, so bear with it and go for it! Please keep going back to it. This is what we would do in class to help the children learn the months of the year.
You can also teach your child the rhyme
"Thirty days has September,
April, June, and November,
All the rest have thirty-one,
But February's twenty-eight,
The leap year, which comes once in four,
Gives February one day more."
Here is another song version - but the words are slightly different!

Your child may know this but don’t skip it! There may well be extra information that they don’t know.
Time - o'clock

It would be helpful if you have a clock that the children could move the hands on - even by twirling the dial on the back. 
OR a plate with pieces of paper so they can write the numbers on it and use skewers or pencils for the hands. Having one long and one short would be really helpful.