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Dear Year 3, 

I hope you are all well.  Thank you to those of you who emailed me your home learning yesterday.  It was fantastic to see you working hard!

Please do not feel that you have to print the work that I send, as I know it might feel like a lot of paper!  Equally, you may not have access to a printer at home.  Instead, you could number the questions on some paper as you write so that you (and I) can see which question you are working on.  You might even like to type some of your work straight onto a screen and email it to me, a great opportunity to practise some typing skills as well as sometimes keeping up your handwriting practise.


Today, your learning is as follows:

1. English - there is a power point slideshow to look at as well as some questions and writing to do on the separate word document.  There is also a link to a video of me reading the first few pages of our novel. 

2. Maths - adding and subtracting single digits to and from a 3 digit number.  The video link is from an academy school that is recommended by Hampshire and the explanations and modelling that the teacher does is just as I would have done in school.  Don't forget you can show your working out and strategies in different ways, including on a number line.  There are activities for you to work through on the video as well as some extra questions from me on the word document.

3. Geography - label a map of Europe.  The map is quite busy to label, so if it gets crowded, you could always use a colour key to colour in a country on the map and use the same colour to match the label for that country.  Then look at the slideshow to find out which European country we will be studying....

4. PE - you would have enjoyed Superstar Sports today!  Instead, remember the importance of staying fit and active as much as you can, even in this cold weather!  Practise a sport or do some exercise.  Use an online video to get you motivated such as Joe Wickes on YouTube or some Cosmic Kids Yoga.


Enjoy your day, 

Mrs Wynne