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Good morning Year 2 smiley


Well done for completing your first day of home learning yesterday!  It was great to see so many of you upload your work.


There was a lot of great detective work going on in our English activity.  You managed to piece together the clues and there were some great predictions!  I have another clue to reveal to you today!

The maths learning required you to set your work out really carefully, so well done for doing this. 


Please find today's home learning below:


Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar- You will be continuing on from your work on plural nouns.  Today you will be choosing the correct suffix to add to each noun (-s or -es).  Remember the rules, as they will come in useful! 


English/History- I discovered a luggage label beneath my desk!  It must have come off when it was discarded.  Take a look at the details and see if this helps you to solve the mystery of the owner.  Record your thoughts to the questions posed.  I will introduce our new novel to you tomorrow and read the first couple of pages.     


Maths- Each day I will upload a short maths quiz to get your brains in the maths zone!  After you complete this, there are two tasks linked to the 5 x table.  Look back at your work from yesterday, to remind yourself how to set out a bar model. 


Art & Design- As part of our new topic (which I will reveal in the English video tomorrow), you will be need to design some wallpaper.  The designer I would like you to research is William Morris.  He was a very famous man for many reasons, but one of his jobs was designing repeating patterns for wallpaper and fabrics.  Create a double page on him. 

You may choose to include the following:

  • Some key facts e.g. birth, death, info about his designing
  • Draw some of his most famous designs
  • If you have access to a printer, you could print and cut out some of his designs and stick them onto your sheet


I hope you have a positive day of home learning.    


Take care, 

Miss Leader