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Summer 2 - Week 5 - Pre-School

Once again, we have managed to spend a large proportion of the week learning outdoors. The children have made dens, played football, climbed trees, found many minibeasts on their travels and played in the play areas and on the school field.


Mr Morgan, our Site Manager and other people made a tepee for the children to use! We can't play in it yet, but are looking forward to it being finished.


Mrs Wall, the Head teacher, was able to see all the wonderful skills that our children have gained whilst playing outside. She joined them in the wooden play area and they showed her their balancing skills and how far they could jump! 


We have been talking about transition with the children and how that will look. Some of the children have explored this further by taking part in role play scenarios of playing 'school'. The children have made many new friendships whilst at pre-school and are such a lovely group of children. 


During our music lesson this week, Mrs Crane taught us new songs. We had so much fun! Mrs Crane hid some minibeast knitted toys behind the children's backs, she sung, for example, 'Who has the ladybird?' The child who had it had to sing back, 'I have the ladybird.' The children were very confident to do this and we were very proud of them. They listened so well to the instructions and Mrs Crane praised the children. We have learned so much from our time with Mrs Crane. 


In the school hall, the children took part in music and movement activities. They enjoyed pretending to be different animals and moving in a range of ways.