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Summer 2 - Week 3 - Pre-School

This has been our busiest week yet! We are very tired but have had such a great week. 


The children have been exploring the concept of 'same' and 'different'. We have explored this in a range of ways such as 'odd one odd' using real objects and also by playing games on the interactive board. The children have been thinking about how they are the same and different from each other. Once they had discussed this, we sorted the group into smaller groups according to a range of criteria such as hair colour, colour of clothes/shoes, gender etc. The children were very good at noticing which groups had the most and the fewest children. 


Our focus book this week was 'Noah's Ark'. The children are now very familiar with the story and have recalled what happened in the story, representing it through songs, paintings, drawings and 3D modelling. They have been singing 'The animals went in two by two'.



We have been singing the phonic songs and doing the actions for the letters 's, a, t, p, i and n'. The children are getting very good at thinking of other words which start with the same sound. Mrs Cantillon showed the children three items and asked which was the odd one out. Some of the children could explain that the odd one odd was the one that started with a different letter sound. Some children have been forming letters and numbers and sorting objects into different groups, understanding that the total is still the same. We have been exploring 1:1 correspondence encouraging the children to only count each object once, understanding that the last number said relates to how many objects they had. 


Our children have been very creative this week. They have made collage pictures, painted and made 3D models using their fantastic imaginations! Some children used the Tap Tap resource to create pictures on the cork boards, exploring shape and space. 


Whilst playing outside, we have continued to explore 'measure'. The children talked about which sticks were taller or shorter than themselves. They have spent a lot of time climbing and jumping off objects at varying heights. The children thought of new ways of doing this and practised jumping with both feet together and landing safely. 


The children used a range of resources both inside and out to make ramps for the cars and other transport. They predicted which car would go the fastest and the furthest. 


The guinea pigs from reception class visited the pre-school on Friday. The children enjoyed holding them and learned new facts about them. 


Mrs Cantillon bought a 'Worry Monster' and books about the Worry Monster. She talked to the children about how we all worry from time to time and what they can do if they are worried about anything. Mrs Cantillon read the story and the children learned that they could 'write' their worries on a piece of paper and put it in the Worry Monster's mouth. At night time, the Worry Monster eats all the worries. A common worry that the children shared was about going on the 'big rides' at Peppa Pig World but said that after they had been on them, they weren't worried any more. The children have supported each other to explore emotions and have enjoyed cuddles with the Worry Monster. 


We have had our blackout tent out this week which is always very popular. Mrs Ray chose some items for Mrs Cantillon to buy which the children really enjoyed using, these included a projector, new torches and a fibre optic lamp. The children also used a rainbow projector and a colour changing cube. 


Mrs Breakwell has been searching for minibeasts with the children. They found some new ones in the wild area and on the school field. 


In our music lesson this week, Mrs Crane showed us how to explore stories through music. The children were given different instruments to play throughout the story of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. They enjoyed doing this and Mrs Crane said that they played and listened very well. Next week, the children are going to be playing the Ukulele. We also had a very exciting surprise, Mrs Crane showed the children the video that she had made of the whole school singing in their own classrooms. The pre-school children were very excited to see themselves in the video. Please see the link below to see the school performance of 'High Hopes'. It is the first video on the school page.