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Summer 2 - Week 2 - Pre-School

The children have spent a lot of time outside this week and have particularly enjoyed playing on the field with the bubbles, hoops, bats and balls. They have learned to use and respond to language such as in front of, next to, behind etc. Mrs Cantillon asked the children to move forwards, backwards, to the left, to the right and with their eyes closed. They listened very well to this. Mrs Cantillon threw balls of various sizes to the children as they stood in a big circle. She also held a hoop up and asked the children to throw the beanbag through, over and under it. We did lots of aiming and predicting work and getting the children familiar with the language we had introduced.


We had lots of Tapestry entries from home this week. The children really enjoy sharing what they have been doing at the weekend and in the holidays.


This week, the children learned the Makaton signs for the words in Ba Ba Black Sheep and sung it very well. We practised this each day. They also remembered last week’s Makaton signs for Mummy and Daddy.


Mrs Ray worked with the children to make comparisons between length and height. The children made models and talked about which were the tallest and shortest. They then compared this measurement to themselves. They used tape measures and measured each other and their models.


We have continued to support children with their physical development providing lots of activities to develop their shoulder, elbow and wrist strength in particular. They have made marks with paint, pencils, felt tips, water and paintbrushes outside, chalks on the floor in the playground, marks in the mud and in the shaving foam. Some children made patterns in the foam, some did lines and circles and others formed recognisable letters and numbers. All mark making is encouraged and celebrated.


Whilst making Father’s Day cards with Mrs Breakwell and Mrs Ray, the children explored colour mixing and enjoyed experimenting with different colours and shades of colours.


Mrs Breakwell used the Colour Monster resource again and we made a display of what the children have been doing. They have become very familiar with the language of emotions and are able to distinguish between these. It also helped to reinforce colour recognition for those children who needed it.


During the music lesson, Mrs Crane taught the children a song that each class in the school is learning. The children learned actions to go with the words. Through rehearsing the new songs we have been learning this term, the children are now remembering the words which have helped to develop their language skills.


During our hall session, the children played circle games and did actions to the songs whilst moving in different ways.


The children made models with some air-dry clay. They used the cutters to make their models or created their own model.


We have continued to work on subitising this week. The children are getting very good at being able to look at a small group of objects and know how many there are without counting. We usually focus on quantities of 1-5 objects. Mrs Cantillon showed the children four circles, she asked, ‘What do you see and how do you see it?’ The children gave the following answers, ‘I see a ‘1’, and a ‘1’ and a ‘1’ and a ‘1’.’ ‘I see a ‘4’.’ I see a ‘2’ and a ‘2’. I see a ‘1’ and a ‘3’. Some children are even using the language of ‘1+3=4’. We are so proud of our children. They are understanding that although the total will always be ‘4’, there are different ways of doing this and there are numbers within numbers. This makes their knowledge of numbers more secure than just reciting numbers as it makes it meaningful. Even our youngest children are understanding that a larger number is made up of ‘1’s’ which is fantastic! If you hear your child saying, ‘I see a ‘1’ and a ‘1’…’ this is why!