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Summer 1 Wk 1 2022

We have been talking about the importance of good oral health and other healthy practices this week. The children talked about their personal experiences of going to the dentist. They did a quiz and learned some songs relating to teeth care. The children were very knowledgeable about caring for their teeth! They also watched some video clips of 'Peppa Pig going to the dentist' and 'Finny goes to the dentist'. 


We had so many Tapestry entries this week relating to what the children had been doing during the Easter break. The children are so proud when showing their photographs to their teachers and friends and really enjoy this experience. It also helps us to get to know the children and our pre-school families better. 


The children have been exploring colours and colour mixing. They have been learning about the primary colours and which new colours they can make from them. We will be continuing to explore this next week and do more experiments. We sung the 'Colorbubblies' song and 'Mix the colours' song.


It was a very busy week but the children had lots of fun and learned many new things!