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Spring Week 6

Week 6



This week we have been revisiting what we've learnt this term.  Go to Phonics Play Phase 4 and go to Sentence substitution - 

Read the sentences.  Try reading some of the sentences to your child and ask them to write the sentences.  Can they check them for capital letters and full stops, spaces between words and add the sounds to help check.



This week we have been looking at the teen numbers (11-20).  Can your child write their own number lines starting and stopping in different places from 8 - 30, going forwards and backwards.  Can they make sure their numbers are the right way round.

Can they pick a number 11-20 and make with numicon shapes (you can download them from our home learning page), or use other things to represent 10 (Dry piece of spagetti?) and pieces of pasta for the ones.

Can they fill in the missing numbers on the sheet.