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Spring Term

Design and Technology - Viking Longboats

SCIENCE - Electricity and States of Matter


The children explored how to make circuits as part of our Electricity unit.  They inserted switches to stop and start the flow, and they experimented with a variety of different materials to identify which were conductors and which were insulators.  

The new unit is States of Matter, and the first experiment the children took part in was to discover the temperature at which different types of chocolate would melt.  

Each Tuesday, the children each have half a day's Forest School led by Dr Collins.  They enjoy being out in the elements getting muddy, learning how to work as a team listening to the ideas of others, cooking over a campfire and being challenged to show resilience and perseverance.  They did not enjoy the recent very cold weather.  

Our class novel in English is Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo, which is an ancient Anglo-Saxon tale.  The children have just completed a non-chronological report about an imaginary dragon which was inspired by their last novel - How to Train your Dragon.  

In maths, the children have been learning about equivalence in fractions, units of measure, multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, and identifying what happens to the place value of the digits.  

Times Table Rock Stars Club  

Many of the children are enjoying the TTRS after school club and they enjoy challenging themselves to answer the questions quickly.  

Our RE unit is Lent, and the children have been exploring how, as Christians, we should prepare ourselves for The Resurrection of Jesus.  We discussed how we could make small changes to our lives, but which would have a big impact on others - such as smiling, saying 'Good morning' to each other, or being a bit more patient.  

In science the unit is States of Matter.  The children are learning how to classify materials into solids, liquids or gases and how they would define them. 

In D&T, the children will be designing and constructing Viking Longboats.  Particular attention will be paid to the material the sails will be made from.   We will test how effective the sails are by observing how far the longboats will travel when a fan is used to propel the boat along the floor of the hall.  An effective sail will hold more of the air and should go further.  We'll let you know the results.  

Our History topic is The Vikings. The children are learning about how the Vikings lived and what was important to them.  This topic will culminate with our residential to the Ancient Technology Centre when we will live as Vikings for the day and sleep overnight in a replica Viking Long House.  


Project Homework Presentations

All the adults in the class have been so proud of the children who have completed their project homework and have presented it to their classmates.  

The standard of the homework has been fantastic and whether the child has had help from adults at home or not, they have worked hard.  When presenting their work in class, they have spoken clearly and projected their voice well to ensure everyone in the room can hear what they are saying.  There is always a question time at the end of each presentation and it is clear that the children know interesting information about their finished piece. 

Thank you all at home for supporting your child to complete their project homework.