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Spring Music 2020

St Jude’s Music lessons Spring 2020

Year R Music

Year R have been listening to winter music and using three bears pitch games to create music. They have also been listening and singing to music from the Julia Donaldson books like The Gruffalo.


Year 1 Music

Year 1 have been singing and playing Royal and Castle songs using instruments. They have also added music to the story Jack and the Beanstalk making their own version of the story with musical instruments. They also did this as a world book day character.

Year 2 Music

Year 2 have been using the UKULELE to play and sing nautical music and sea-shanties.

They have been singing and playing ‘A sailor went to sea’, ‘Roll the Chariot along' and 'Pirates’.

Year 3 Music

Year 3 have been playing different rhythms patterns on percussion instruments and creating their own using SAMBA drumming techniques.                                                                

Year 4 Music

Year 4 have added music to mythical stories and started composing using the PENTATONIC DRAGON SCALE. They have also been learning Viking songs.

Year 5 Music

Year 5 went to visit a Symphony Orchestra, the Southern pro Musica at the Chichester Festival theatre. They have been learning how to listen and critique classical music and recognise different orchestral instruments.       

 Year 5 are also composing and creating music based on the minimalist music ‘A Short ride on a fast machine’ and creating imagery with ‘Theme park’ music.


Chichester Children’s Concert 2020

Year 5 Reviews:
“I really liked it because we saw lots of interesting instruments and magic.
I liked watching the violins, xylophone and the cello.” Gyorgy
“I liked that we could see it clearly and the magic.” Ella-Mae
‘’I liked it when Claire took out FOUR beaters and played the xylophone really quickly.’’ Amy
“The concert was good because they played some famous songs
plus we were right in front of the stage.”Sonia
‘’The show was spectacular because the music was so good!’’ Shaun
‘’I liked watching the Xylophone because it sounded nice and calm.
My favourite piece was ‘The Blue Danube.’’ Sofia
“I liked the French horn. My favourite piece is How the Whale got his throat.” Danny
‘’I really liked ‘Taps in Tempo.’’ Jorgie.
“It was fascinating and amazing. My favourite instrument was the massive Double Bass.” Emilia


Southern pro musica

Year 6 Music

Year 6 are developing confidence with playing Ukulele chords. They have played a range of songs using 4 chords and are now using these chords to compose their own chord structures and develop song-writing ideas.


St Jude’s Choir

Choir have been meeting on ‘Thursday lunchtimes’ and are practising songs in preparation for the Fareham music Festival.

We are putting together a 10 minute programme and practising our two-part harmony.

We have been singing:

‘Great day’, ‘Stars’, ‘True Colours’ and ‘Shine Jesus Shine’.