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Spring 2 2023 - Week 2

We have continued with our theme of emotions this week. The children have learned to identify emotions by colours and can also do the Makaton signs for each emotion. They made their own colour monsters and explained how they and their monsters were feeling. The children were given different scenarios and asked how the person might be feeling, they showed great awareness of this and have been using the language of emotions throughout the week during play. 


The children have been developing their gross and fine motor skills. They have taken part in tummy time, where they draw whilst lying on their tummies. This is a great way to develop strength in the shoulders, neck and arms and enables the children to develop good core strength in their bodies. They also did lots of outdoor play and enjoyed their wellie walks and minibeast hunts in the school grounds. 


The children have also been working on their fine motor skills by doing activities such as threading objects onto laces, putting keys on to the keyring and picking up small objects with tweezers. 


Throughout the week we have been doing World Book Day activities and sharing our favourite stories. On Friday, the children had biscuits and hot chocolate and shared stories from home.