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Spring 2 2023 - Week 1

We have had a very busy start to the term. Mrs Ray returned from maternity leave on Tuesday and made lots of lovely pancakes. The children enjoyed choosing their toppings and putting them on their pancakes. They also played with lemon scented playdough that Mrs Holland made and made it into pancakes. They talked about how their pancakes were the same and different from each other and how many they could make from a piece of playdough. The children did 'Dough Disco' to develop good muscle strength in their bodies - particularly their shoulders, hands and fingers. They completed a series of movements to music and enjoyed this. 


We explored emotions this week and read 'The Colour Monster' story. The children used the resource that Mrs Breakwell made in which they had to choose a coloured pom pom to show how they were feeling and put it in a colour monster pot. The children then talked about how they were feeling and why. 


We have had lots of outdoor play this week. The children particularly enjoyed exploring water play both inside and outside pre-school using funnels, pipettes, plastic tubing, brushes, rollers etc. 


We have had a new child join our pre-school this week, the children have made her feel very welcome. We are so proud of how kind and caring our children are.