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Home learning Singing Assembly

01 Great day (performance track).mp3

Great day (Matthew Crossey and Tom Kirkham)


Put your best smile on your face.
Stand up tall, move into space.
Ev’rybody touch their nose and then their toes
And stretch up to the sky.
Now we’re gonna stamp our feet, click to the beat
Then reach our arms up high.


It’s gonna be a great, great day.
It’s gonna be a great, great day.
I’m bursting with amazing energy.
I’m gonna try my very best.
I’m gonna try my very best.
I’m bursting with amazing energy.


Shrug your shoulders up and down.
Clap your hands and turn around.
Now we’re going to say good morning to our neighbour,
Turn and shake their hand.
Ev’rybody give the thumbs up, A-O.K.
That this day will be grand.


It’s gonna be a great, great day.......

Out of the ark @ home have some lovely songs to sing along to. Please use the links below.

We are unstoppable

Here is a new song to learn from Sing up. Listen and sing along.

Young voices Pop melody!

Which song is your favourite?

Power in me

Singing assembly song

Wiggle jiggle

Wiggle Jiggle

Wiggle Jiggle song by Emily Barton from Sing Up. Actions for Singing Assembly

Good to be me

Good to be lyrics


One, two, three,
Good to be me,
One, two, three. (x2)


One, two, three
It’s good to be me,

And I want the world to know,
It’s good to be me.  (X2)


I’m a special person
And there’s only one of me,
And no one else is prouder
Of the person that is me.  (repeat)