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Shape, Space and Measure

The children have been exploring shape, space and measure during this half term. They have learned about the similarities and differences of each shape and have been cooking and learning about weights and measures. The children made some delicious shape biscuits and went on a shape hunt taking photographs of what they found. Some of the children made tally charts of the shapes that they found and put a mark every time they found the shape. 


The children have compared the size of objects and each other learning new mathematical language such as tallest and shortest. They have also been making repeated patterns with shapes and other resources.  The children found some worms and talked about which was the longest and which was the shortest! They also found out how many children would fit in different sized boxes whilst playing in them.


The children enjoyed doing shape puzzles and games including games on the interactive board. They played 'Find a shape' on the mat. When the children sit on the mat, we ask them to find a shape and then talk about what it is, how many sides it has, the colour etc. This has really helped the children to get to know their shapes. They made shape pictures using 2D shapes and craft resources.