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Settling in

At the moment the children are settling in and we take time to get to know the children and what they are interested in.  The children have loved sharing their "Chatter tubes" and each day we've had a circle time when the children learn each others names and one or two children share what they did over the summer. 

Chatter tubes

The children love playing outside and are exploring how to use it, what we have and how to tidy it all away!  But our playground is very big - we've taken time to make sure that the children are clear about where they can and cannot go.  Our Health and Safety Officers have been out in force, in florescent jackets, to help us remember the boundaries. 
We have started looking at numbers, and this week we have been thinking about "Penguin 1".  It's given us a great starting point for practicing big physical movements and learning that lots of numbers and letters start with a "Down - Bump".  The children have been using our "Magic Dusters" (their name for our sparkly pom poms!) to help them practice this movement (See "Kinetic Letters" on our PE page), but it also helps us write the number 1. The children have done some fabulous paintings of Penguin 1 and learnt a funny rhyme all about him.

Penguin 1

Throughout the school we teach the children about different learning values, and the same theme runs through the school, changing each half term.  This half term our theme is Courage. We encourage the children to think about what this means and find examples.  It is a meaningful way to introduce them to people throughout the world and over time who we can aspire to be like, and learn from, and who are the namesakes for our school house teams.  This half term we are thinking about Oscar Romero in Reception.  

Just look at what they children have said about "Courage"...