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River Study - Minstead Study Centre Field Trip

A fantastic adventure to the New Forest really helped to deepen our knowledge and understanding of rivers and the water cycle. First hand experience is the best at bringing our learning to life! We could take our classroom based learning and new knowledge and apply it to a practical study of rivers. 


There were thrills of excitement at the thought of being given permission to step into the river, warnings of 'check the depth' before you proceed, seemed to go unnoticed, as the children excitedly explored the river with their friends. Trousers turned two tone, welly boots turned to water carriers and the children's toes turned wrinkly as they soaked up the river....but....everyone had a smile on their face! The children were able to recall many river facts and knowledge that they had learnt in school which really impressed the adults. We started the morning by exploring the water cycle a little further.


Then, we traced the river from source , exploring how the environment had changed and the impact of the river on the land. We were able to create a labelled map with a key to show the river features we could identify. After lunch, we continued to explore the river but with a focus on its inhabitants. We worked in small teams with nets and buckets to catch some local wildlife. We used classification keys to identify what we had found and learnt how to identify if water was polluted or not based on what creatures we found there by using a biotic index. A slow journey through M27 traffic gave us plenty of time to chat about our day of learning in the New Forest.