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A Trip to see the Reindeer

The Reception class enjoyed a very special trip to see the reindeer at Garsons Garden Centre.  We went first thing on Monday morning so it was nice and quiet.  We learnt a lot about them from Katy who looks after them.

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We learnt that both male and female reindeer have antlers.  These are bone and grow straight out of their skulls; every year they drop off and then grow new ones.  Their antlers are covered in "velvet" which is very soft.
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Picture 2

Reindeers have very thick coats to keep them warm.  It's so thick that if they lay down in the snow then the snow doesn't melt - their fur keeps the warmth in.  Their noses are long so that the air warms up before it reaches their lungs; also their long noses means they have a very good sense of smell and can smell their food deep under the snow.

Picture 1
we looked carefully at their feet - they have cloven hooves with 4 "toes".  This helps their "toes" to spread out wide in the snow, and act like snow shoes.
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We had a lovely time looking round the garden centre at all the Christmas things.   We enjoyed listening to the little band and dancing to the music, looking at the Christmas lights and decorations and smelling the pot pourri.