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For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them...

Matthew 18: 20

CREATION overview for all year groups

PRAYERS, SAINTS & FEASTS overview for all year groups

ADVENT overview for all year groups

CHRISTMAS overview for all groups

REVELATION overview for all year groups

LENT overview for all year groups

HOLY WEEK overview for all groups

EASTER overview for all year groups

PENTECOST overview for all year groups

SACRAMENTS overview for all year groups

Stations of the Cross


Our Art Leader worked with identified pupils to produce some stunning paintings inspired by the artwork of Sister Mary Stephen . The paintings were used as  focal points for prayer and reflection. They depicted Jesus' journey from the Last Supper to Easter Sunday.  

As suggested by Bishop Philip when he visited us, we have very recently affiliated a saint to each class.  They are as follows: 

Reception - St Francis

Year 1 - St Bernadette

Year 2 - St Peter

Year 3 - St Paul

Year 4 - St Bede

Year 5 - St Teresa of Avila

Year 6 - St Vincent de Paul

In our class prayers we ask these saints to pray for us.   

Philosophical Enquiry

The concepts and ideas the children will be exploring throughout RE give rise to numerous questions that can be difficult and even impossible to answer.  It is through RE that the children have the opportunity to discuss 'big' questions such as, 'Should we always follow rules.', 'Do we notice the similarities or the differences in each other?', 'Are we really free?', 'Do you have to like someone to love them?' or 'Do we need praise to make us do our best?'

At St Jude's we encourage the children to listen to, and value, everyone's contributions and opinions even if that opinion differs from their own.  This rich discussion gives the children the opportunity to hear a range of responses to the same question and allows them to begin to frame their own ideas on a subject.  There is no right or wrong answer to a philosophical question and this can be quite a struggle for some children (and adults) who like to 'know' the answer; however, the learning that takes place in these discussions is very valuable - not just for RE but for a child's enquiring mind.  

Information about catholic school from the Catholic Education Service (CES) website