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After half term  we saw lots of the children  playing hairdressers in the home corner - we decided to do Rapunzel!  The children have been very busy taking turns at washing, drying and styling each others hair.  


The children loved setting up our small world den for Rapunzel - just look what they did, and it was all by themselves!  Often different children would take it in turns at tidy up time to set it up ready for the next day.  
Picture 1
The children built their own towers, working together to make them as tall as they could!  They had to think carefully about how to keep themselves safe.
The children built lots of tiny towers too.  As we've been doing instruction writing, they wrote some instructions as to how to make them for other children to try.   They made pictures of Rapunzel in all sorts of ways.
This half term the children have been experimenting with collage so the children then used this idea to make the witch's garden.  We put lots of parts together to make the tower and add to Rapunzel.
The children planted lettuces, just like the witch grew in her garden, but we also planted other vegetables too. 
We planted carrots, turnips and radishes, but the children didn't know what some of these vegetables were - so we tried them.  While we were weeding we cleared a whole bed of mint so we used this to make mint tea - lots of the children loved it!
The children used beebots, and programmed them to move to different places in the story.  We talked about left and right.
Picture 1
Picture 2