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Pre-School - Week beginning Monday 22nd March 2021

We have spent a lot of time outside during the week, the children have played in the pre-school playground, on the school field and in the adventure playground. They have been delevloping their physical skills by climbing, running, balancing, rolling and even making up their own moves - a spin hop was created by one child! 


The children have enjoyed painting, doing collage pictures, Easter activities, learning about shapes, completing puzzles and building many structures with different materials.


The children particularly enjoyed a visit from the Year R guinea pigs - Oreo and Vanilla. They were very interested in finding out how to care for the guinea pigs and what they like to eat. Mrs Cantillon put a video clip on the interactive board about guinea pigs doing tricks, the children thought this was very funny! 


A spider was found on the wall, the children were very intersted in it. One child asked, 'Do spiders have ears?' Mrs Ray found some factual information on the IPad to teach the children about spiders.