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Portraits using charcoal, exploring expression.

In Year 4, we have used art to try to capture emotions and expression. We began by exploring portraits, using mirrors to really look closely at our own facial features, thinking about proportion and the shapes we see. Observing closely what we see and representing with shapes rather than drawing what we think we look like, was quite tricky but we enjoyed learning about this.  We looked at the style different artists use to create portraits including the artist Alberto Giacometti.  We took inspiration for our final portraits from the expressions we felt Vikings or Saxons in battle may have - focused and confident before battle, angry and aggressive during battle or thoughtful and reflective after battle. We chose the medium of charcoal to create our final pieces but first had to learn some techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, blending, using the tip or edge of the charcoal - we explored how changing the pressure had an impact on the charcoal on paper. It got a little messy but we soon learnt quickly from our experiments just how the charcoal could be manipulated for different effects.